The Erasure Information Service (EIS) starts his “Private Ear” editions in 1986

The last issue on paper was released in July 2000


I do not own every original issue. Some of them are copies from the EIS!

If you have problems to read the issues (small type) - click on “issue gallery”!


Many thanks to ...

EIS Richard who approve to upload these “Private Ear” issues,

Janet & Jonny, Vince & Andy and all the people

who were / are still working for the EIS!


“Love You To The Sky”

 - Bruno - April 2017 -

Back in early 1989 Erasure had over 8500 names & addresses on the mailing list

Postage and printing were all paid for by Vince & Andy

So the EIS unfortunately had to begin charging membership fees

EIS Membership Card 1989

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